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התזונה במשפחתי דומה לזו של יוסף, וכוללת מדי פעם צום פירות. למה זה צריך להפריע לרשעים בבית?

File:Abba_Yavniel.JPG has been mentioned at Commons:Deletion requests so which the Local community can discuss whether it ought to be retained or not. We'd take pleasure in it if you could possibly go to voice your viewpoint about this at its entry.

Added an attribution template. This is certainly perplexing since the attribution template states not that attribution is needed, but that only attribution is required; this contradicts the cc-by-sa template.

For those who established this file, please Take note that The point that it has been proposed for deletion will not necessarily mean that we do not benefit your form contribution. It only ensures that a person particular person thinks that there is some specific trouble with it, for instance a copyright issue.

Please try to remember to reply to and – if ideal – contradict the arguments supporting deletion. Arguments which target the nominator is not going to have an effect on the result of the nomination. Thank you!

של סער. גואל ואלירז יצאו קטנים כי רצו להרויח מהמצב על חשבון אליה. שרה סתם רעה ואלין מעצבנת היחדיה נורמלית שם זו אילה ורק אלו שלא נורמלים לא רואים את זה

ממש נכון איילה מגיעלה שפן שיעשה הכל להתעסק עם גברים לא משנה מי

Whilst I say semi official, that translation is as official as we're going to get. It had been submitted by Israel to your WTO. Even though it isn't official in the sense that it is legally enforceable, I'd personally Feel we should have the capacity to use it with a few self-confidence.

גם גואל בתוך הסיטואציה הזו גואל איש ערמומי ורע שרק רוצה הרס ופוגע בכל דבר נחמד במקום לפרגן ולעודד. באמת אח גדול זה לא פייר צריך להעמיד אותו במקום ודחוףףףף אח גדול תתעורר

explanation + signature for uncontroversal deletions like unused very own image, misnamed cats.

cc-by-sa-all to launch it under the multilicense GFDL as well as Inventive Commons Attribution-ShareAlike All-Variation license or PD-self to release it into the general public area. See Commons:Copyright tags for the total listing of copyright tags which you could use.

File:Andartat_Peter_IMG_7075.JPG has been shown at Commons:Deletion requests so that the Group can talk about no matter whether it should be retained or not. We would take pleasure in it if you could potentially head to voice your feeling about this at its entry.

התנהגות פאטתית לא פלא שהוא רווק בגיל הזה איזה אישה יכולה לתת אמון באדם כזה שנופל ברשתה של חולת נפש מניפולאטיבית אובססבית בגלל "יופיה? החיצוני" .לא מקנאה בחברתך. אבל אולי זה מה שיציל אותה ממך!

Their get the job done board is out there in Phabricator. You could find back links to the get the job done finished each week at mw:VisualEditor/Weekly triage meetings. Their present-day priorities are repairing bugs, supporting the 2017 wikitext editor, more info and improving the Visible diff Resource. Current improvementsעריכה

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